Dominate Call Of Duty Zombies In 2017 With The Call Of Duty Zombies Apk

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies, has been a fan favorite ever since the game has been released in August 2012.
Taking much inspiration from its PC counterpart, Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies, offers a multiplayer platform on mobile phone devices which will leave even the harshest of critics, satisfied.

Today, we will present you a way to further your gameplay and become better at the game using a nice little hack we came up with: The Call Of Duty Zombies Apk.
This apk was developed and researched for the last five years, ever since the game was officially released and now it is in it’s final stages of development: By the time I have finished writing this article, it will be available on the market for your pleasure!

The Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies features some of the most amazing visual and gameplay enhancements I had ever seen.
Being a beta tester myself, I found my character to not only have unlimited health (a huge fuck you to zombies), I also had unlimited ammo and all the weapons I needed at my disposal, from pistols to grenades, they were all in my inventory.
What I found particularly interesting about the Call Of Duty Zombies apk was the way it was subtly integrated into the game; Nobody will even see that you are cheating as the game registers the apk as legit, so you don’t have to worry about ever getting banned for using this cheeky little tool.

Out of all the apks we have tried in 2017, the Call Of Duty Zombies apk was by far the most developed and most taken care of (why wouldn’t it be, they had five years to do so).

Although this game is very enjoyable to play, once you hit a paywall it can be hard to reach the next stage unless you are willing to give up heaps of money to a multimillion dollar company.
Instead, with the Call Of Duty Zombie Apk, you can get all the boosts that you need for free!
What I liked doing most while testing the apk was to run into heaps of zombies and just stay there, laughing at their inability to kill me.
Then, I would out a grenade and blow that place to smithereens, while staying unharmed, understandably.
With over 100’s of features, including but not limited to: Unlimited health, noclip (never reload in your life again), all weapons unlocked, invulnerability, wallhack and aimbot you will find the game not only more enjoyable but it will be a great way to relieve stress after a hard day of work.
The funniest thing for me was the jealousy all of my friends experienced, they thought it was all a product of my skill in playing Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies and that I was a professional player but I knew the secret to my success, it was the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Apk!
Don’t be a sore loser and join the ranks of hundreds who have and will continue using this awesome apk, that boosts your Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies gameplay to the next level!


Battlefield 1 Opponent Combating

Battlefield I game has been developed by EA DICE and has been introduced for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation. It is a first-person shooter game that depends mainly on teamwork. They revolve around many historic events that took place in World War 1 and the weapons used during those times.

Multiplayer Mode

Battlefield multiplayer mode can be played with 64 players. Standard game modes like Conquest, helps to control various places in the map; Domination has few control points and is similar to Conquest but has lower number of control points. Rush, requires two play styles which are attack and defense; Team Deathmatch has no control points and is mostly about reaching point limits and is based on the timer; War pigeons is unique to the game and has two opposite teams capturing a pigeon. Operations, gives a true war feeing where players are divided as attackers and dividers.  The multiplayer features have pick-able classes, pick-up based classes and spawn-based classes. The pick-able class has four classes which are assault, medic, support and scout. The Spawn-based class has taker, pilot and cavalry; Pickup-based class contains flame trooper kit, sentry kit and the tank hunter kit.

Brief Review

Battlefield 1 review has been mostly positive, as even critics have lauded the World War I theme that has been used. The visuals, multiplayer mode, the single-player campaign and the sound design have also been well appreciated. The game has won the Game Critics Awards 2016 or Best Action Game, while it has been nominated for Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best PC game and Best Online Multiplayer. It has also been nominated for The Games Awards 2016 for Best Game Direction, Best Music and Sound Design, Best Multiplayer and Best Action Game.


The weapons from World War I have been used here, such as semi-automatic and automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles, artillery, mustard gas and flamethrowers. These are used to combat enemies. Melee weapons such as trench clubs, sabres and shovels have been used. The melee weapons are used for melee combat and they are classified as light, medium and heavy. Vehicles such as heavy and light tanks, cars, armored trucks, biplane aircraft, armored train, torpedo boats, LZ 30 Airship and Reconnaissance vehicles.

Playing the Game

The game has to be played with good communication within the team and the team has to stick together. The player should concentrate on remaining alive and to make more kills. The players should play conquest and also hold on to their objectives. The player should stay alive for the initial duration and stick with people of good quality and character. Guns that are used should first be tested. The roles of assault, scout, medic and support should be utilized properly, by which enemies and their vehicles will have to be destroyed, preferable at close counters; enemies should be spotted and combated; medic should be revived healthily while Support involves supporting team mates and dropping ammo bags. Team work and sticking to time limits are necessary to play the game well.

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Dark Souls II Power, Challenges and Obstacles

Dark Souls II is an action-packed video game published by Bandai Namco Games. The game is filled with challenges and content density. Newcomers are able to follow the game initially, but gets tougher as the game progresses. The Game is almost similar to its predecessor and the controls have remained the same. Dark Souls III release date was in the year 2016.

MultiPlaying Facility

Having multiplayer servers, the gameplay involves players versus environment (PVE) as well as player versus player (PVP). The graphics engine is powerful with an advanced AI system. The game can be played through co-operative play when players are “summoned” into the others game world. They can also “invade” the other world. The multiplayer facility is through random play or by matching similar levels.


The “New Game Plus” mode is a unique feature of Dark Souls II by which the initial replay is termed as “NG+”. The subsequent replays are named “NG++” till “NG+7”. Through these levels, the player can retain all his resources, such as souls and items.


The currency comes as joint currency which is called “souls”. Items can be bought from in-app stores using this currency and for leveling up. Covenant is made more accessible as it has been simplified. Newcomers are able to easily proceed with the game. The advanced AI system allows for wider action by players. The Dark Soul II PC version made by Tanimura was slightly delayed in its release. It was however released on September 29, 2014. The game does not have a pause button and you can rest only at Bonfire.


Dark Souls II review has won great acclaim even from critics. The visuals and the atmosphere have been stated to be exceptionally good. However difficulty in play has been the major criticism for the game. The levels of game and imaginative enemies have been applauded by many. The environments are wonderful and getting past the fog gates have also been appreciated by players. Dark Souls II has won the “Game of the Year” award in 2014 by the Golden Joystick Awards. The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers event had nominated Dark Souls II for best game design and franchise. Dark Souls III release date was 2016.

Playing the Game

There are various types and shapes of weapons. There are ranged weapons, heavy weapons and magic too. Points are given for best defense, big damage and the ways the weapons are handled. Defense tactics can be through spacing, parrying and dodging. Primary stats help to level up the character. Primary stats are Vigor, Endurance, Vitality, attunement, Strength, Dexterity, Adaptability, Intelligence and Faith, Speed, Slot, AGL, Magic BNS, Stamina, HP, etc. Derived stats are primary stats combined with HP, Stamina, Equip Load, Slot, Cast Speed, Dark BNS, Fire BNS, Poison BNS, etc. Character Creation can be done with Warriors, Knights, Swordsman, Bandits, Sorcerers, Clerics and Explorers. Weapons can be upgraded through Reinforcement. Dark Souls II has to be played differently as it is played in the world of Drangleic giving a glimpse of life beyond death.

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Star Wars Battlefront Video Game Analysis

Star Wars Battlefront is an action packed video game that is based on the Star Wars films. The game was released in 2015 for Star Wars Battlefront PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by Electronic Arts. The players are the soldiers of opposing armies. The gameplay involves two opposing armies, which are the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems or between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The Star Wars galaxy contains various battle-zones with command posts that are in the control of players. The game is played to capture these command posts and remove enemy’s reinforcement tickets. Star Wars Battlefront PC is a favorite among the youngsters as they try to battle their way through enemies.

Battle Field

Hero Tokens are provided to take control of the Hero or the Villain. The battlefield has Hero Tokens located in various places. These locations can be seen through the Hero Token Locations. The game provides a blaster rifle that is useful for play, but you require more powerful weapons to proceed and climb levels. These weapons will have to be unlocked. There are various weapons such as the E-11 Blaster Rifle, EE-3 Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Blaster Rifle and T-21 B Targeting Rifle. These are useful for long and short distance shooting. Pulse Cannon can be accessed at rank 5. However, the Cycle Rifle can be accessed only after rank 28. Charge cards help the player to gain advantage over opponents. They are obtained throughout the battlefield which can be utilized immediately or saved for special occasions. Star Cards can also be used to score points. Power-Up icons can be activated to get access to Orbital Strike, Proximity Bomb and Blaster Cannon. Pick-Up can be activated automatically such as Charge and Extra Lie. Players make use of various types of vehicles which are land-based and air-based. There are various weapons, gears, abilities and characters used in the game which are customized. Weapons have to be unlocked and the entire team can also share these new weapons. Homing missiles can be directed exactly on the player, which can be evaded through maneuvering past them.

Switching Perspectives

Star Wars battlefront helps players to switch within the first-person perspective and the third-person perspective. Through this, the way the game is played and the way the weapons are handled can be changed. Accuracy in firing is better through the first-person perspective. Players in this game can switch their views but when they control the hero or their guards they cannot use this view. The players can zoom in to get better accuracy. The game can also played with split screens on consoles.


The Stars Wars Battlefront review is a mixed review for Star Wars Battlefront PC and PlayStation 4. However, it has gained wide popularity, especially in the UK, as it was rated with a top fast-selling title in 2015. The online video game, PlayStation 4, has also won acclaim as a fast-selling game. The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers awards have been awarded for Sound Effects, Use of Sound, for Franchise and for Graphics, Technical.

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Final Fantasy XV Is A Fun Game to Play

There are several games available for players to play and make them enjoy the game and can vary in their journal such as adventures, battle, fashion or it may be as space technology too. Although there are several games available for the users and particularly final fantasy XV game is more popular among all and it remains as an ultimate fantasy adventure game center. When the user enters the world of final fantasy xv they can experience the epic action as a whole package. The game has several battles when the player starts his journey of this game the he will discover many features added in this game. In the game play the player holds the noctis character of the crown prince of the kingdom of lucis and the main quest of the player is to reclaim player’s homeland from the clutches of the imperial army.

Player joined along his friends’ take a voyage travelling through the breathtaking world where encounters are prevailed maximum number they acts like life beast and unforgiving enemies. Player would learn to be master with their special weaponry skills and magical skills and they channel the power of their ancestors to make a thrilling combat. Fresh faces and long time fans helps them to fulfill their destination and experience the new kind of fantasy game.

Reason for the final fantasy popularity

Final fantasy XV manages to feel familiar and exciting as well as innovative. The player experiences a different quest in each level of the journey. The game became more popular mainly due their adventure design and player cannot predict what is going to happen next in the game even though game initially start as road trip along with childhood best friends. The final fantasy XV review will help the player to play this game efficiently.

The game is driven by a real time combat system since there two styles of game available in the final fantasy XV video game and the gaming platform continuously shift its style of the game. The player has a hybrid shift between actions in classical games and actions in the modern style. The player can control noctis thus player is allowed to swap the game between classical or in modern style. The player can toggle between half dozen and weapon type in classical style. There are several feature made available for the new players which are listed below

  • Player can hold the button to continue a series of attacks on their target
  • Player is allowed to modify the angle
  • Each style can swing by holding the left stick in different direction.
  • The special button blocks and dodges and other features allows the player to throw the weapon.
  • The player can wrap toward an enemy or wrap out of battle which makes the gameplay tougher.

At present the final fantasy XV game present as video game currently the process is going to develop the final fantasy XV pc which will be supported in pc which makes simpler for the players.

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Amazing Features In Doom Video Game

Doom is the popular game because it is belonging to the first person shooting game which is developed by the id software and it is published by the Bethesda Softworks. In fact this game is powered by the id Tech 6 and it is releasing in the year of 2016 so that many of the people are willing to play this game. In case you are looking to play this game in play station 4 then you must surfing in online keyword as doom ps4 and this game played according to the first person point of view. In a game players are taking the role of the unnamed marine and this game is most suitable for both single and multiplayer game.

Detailed information about the doom video game

Doom is the best game because it is supporting Xbox one, Microsoft windows and Playstation 4 so anyone can play this game. As everyone knows this game is available for both single and multiple player’s game. When it comes to the single player gameplay then it is having the badass demons and big guns. In a modern world many of the people are interesting to play this game because it is having the wonderful gameplay and features. This game is designing with the excellent numbers of the features like large arsenal of the weapons. In fact this game is having the different kinds of the level and most of the enemies are coming from the original games which is including

  • Mancubus
  • Pinky
  • Revenant
  • Cyberdemon

Basically this game is made with the thirteen hours long and it is also creating with the vast numbers of the feature which is including permadeath and this feature is save the player once the player is losing their life. One of the studies says that this game is having the 13 maps and each is having the unique features. If you are willing to play this game then it is requiring the internet connection. It is the popular video game in online because of its excellent gameplay and player can play with this game along with their family members and friends.

Amazing features in the doom video game

Basically doom player are awarded by the experience points and if you are having sufficient experience points then player can easily level up in a game. If you are having the enough amount of the experience points then they will get the armor, skins, power ups and weapons so that they can unlock the certain things. In fact this game is consisting of the six different types of the modules and each module is having amazing gameplay and features. If you are surfing in online about this game then you might thoroughly know about this gameplay. It is one of the best games to play with your friends or family members. In a multiplayer game mode player might also perform the taunts and it is having the excellent gameplay and features so try to play this game in online because it is the best video game.


Excellent Information About Overwatch Video Game

Overwatch is the most popular and famous video game is online because it is the multiplayer first person shooting game. In fact it is developed by the Blizzard entertainment and it is releasing in the year of 2016. In a game is consisting of the two team and each team is consisting of the six player and they can also select the predefined hero characters. This kind of the character is having unique attribute, movement and attributes. Basically this game is consisting of the different kinds of the heroes and they are divided into the four classes which is including

  • Tank
  • Support
  • Offense
  • Defense

Actually this game is supporting all kinds of the platforms such as overwatch ps4, Microsoft windows and Xbox one.

Effective gameplay information about the overwatch game

As everyone knows overwatch is the first person shooting game which has squad based features along with the two opposing team. Players are having ability to select their desire characters and it is the most famous game in online. Basically this game is designed for encouraging the player to adapt to the opposite team during the match. In a game each hero is having the certain types of the primary attack and more than two additional skills. In case you are selecting the offense player character then they are having high mobility and they are having capability to damage the large amounts of enemies. But unfortunately they are having only low numbers of the hit points because they are attacking large teams. At the same time defense player is having ability to protecting the specific locations and making the choke points. Most of the defense character heroes are providing the more hit points when compared to all other characters. In fact support characters are offering the vast numbers of the benefits to the people. This character is enhancing your team or it is weakening your opponent team. But they are not dealing with hit points and more damage. So try to choose the best character based on your requirements and desire so that people can easily win a game.

What are the different types of the map available in overmatch game?

Overmatch game is having vast numbers of the game mode like arcade modes and so on. Map is most important in a game and it is randomly selecting by the match and there are different kinds of the maps are available in a game which is including

  • Hybrid
  • Control
  • Escort
  • Assault

This game is consisting of the several gameplay which is consisting of the practice and tutorial modes and it is playing against with the computer controlled opponents. Once you are starting to play this game then you can’t able to get rid of from this game because it is having the excellent gameplay. It is the best game for adults and teenagers and most of the people are offering positive feedback to this game because of its gameplay and features.

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Tips For Picking Video Games For Your Kids

Online computer game are gradually growing in appeal and more kids are participating the action. As a parent, you need to know whether the online games your kids have access to will appropriate for their age. The games found online are absolutely nothing like the computer game that you played as a child. Many of them consist of violence together with fully grown and graphic content that is not appropriate for kids.

Prior to you permit your kids to play video games online, it’s advised that you follow the actions noted below. By doing this, you’ll have the ability to rest simple knowing the games they’re playing are not something that is improper for them.

Tips for picking computer game for your kids:

  1. Prior to you buy or enable your kids to play an online video game, inspect the ESRB score. The score sign will be an indication regarding the age the game is created for. You still need to make the last decision regardless of the score.
  1. Check out the content description for the game. This can supply important info that can offer you a much better concept of what kind of game it is and what to anticipate.
  1. For online games you need to examine the functions within the game. A few of them have live chat and other functions that you do not desire your kids utilizing. Most games permit you to disable these functions by utilizing the parental control.
  1. Learn as much as you can about how computer games work. Some games will let you download “adjustments” that will alter the content, which in turn can alter the score. Your kids might be viewing content that you believe to be improper if you do not know about these modifications.
  1. If it’s something you desire your kids playing, play the game first to find out for yourself. There is no much better way to know precisely what remains in a video game than playing it yourself. In this manner, you will not have any doubts at all.

It’s extremely important that you learn ways to use parental controls and follow them. Do not use them often and leave them off other times. Utilizing these functions is an exceptional way to ensure your kids are exempt to computer game that you consider to be unsuited for them.

Inspect the instructiveness and interactiveness. You are letting you kids learn more while they have fun when you select games with this function. Your kids likewise would not have to learn a lot of strategies to play their preferred games. There are many interactive video game system available in the market today that uses the most kid-friendly games.

When choosing which videos games are suitable and which ones are not, it’s likewise suggested that you consider your child’s character, age and capabilities. Just you can make that decision and it’s your obligation.

Our next article will consist of new video games which you can find only here on Blackageonline. 🙂

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