Dark Souls II Power, Challenges and Obstacles

Dark Souls II is an action-packed video game published by Bandai Namco Games. The game is filled with challenges and content density. Newcomers are able to follow the game initially, but gets tougher as the game progresses. The Game is almost similar to its predecessor and the controls have remained the same. Dark Souls III release date was in the year 2016.

MultiPlaying Facility

Having multiplayer servers, the gameplay involves players versus environment (PVE) as well as player versus player (PVP). The graphics engine is powerful with an advanced AI system. The game can be played through co-operative play when players are “summoned” into the others game world. They can also “invade” the other world. The multiplayer facility is through random play or by matching similar levels.


The “New Game Plus” mode is a unique feature of Dark Souls II by which the initial replay is termed as “NG+”. The subsequent replays are named “NG++” till “NG+7”. Through these levels, the player can retain all his resources, such as souls and items.


The currency comes as joint currency which is called “souls”. Items can be bought from in-app stores using this currency and for leveling up. Covenant is made more accessible as it has been simplified. Newcomers are able to easily proceed with the game. The advanced AI system allows for wider action by players. The Dark Soul II PC version made by Tanimura was slightly delayed in its release. It was however released on September 29, 2014. The game does not have a pause button and you can rest only at Bonfire.


Dark Souls II review has won great acclaim even from critics. The visuals and the atmosphere have been stated to be exceptionally good. However difficulty in play has been the major criticism for the game. The levels of game and imaginative enemies have been applauded by many. The environments are wonderful and getting past the fog gates have also been appreciated by players. Dark Souls II has won the “Game of the Year” award in 2014 by the Golden Joystick Awards. The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers event had nominated Dark Souls II for best game design and franchise. Dark Souls III release date was 2016.

Playing the Game

There are various types and shapes of weapons. There are ranged weapons, heavy weapons and magic too. Points are given for best defense, big damage and the ways the weapons are handled. Defense tactics can be through spacing, parrying and dodging. Primary stats help to level up the character. Primary stats are Vigor, Endurance, Vitality, attunement, Strength, Dexterity, Adaptability, Intelligence and Faith, Speed, Slot, AGL, Magic BNS, Stamina, HP, etc. Derived stats are primary stats combined with HP, Stamina, Equip Load, Slot, Cast Speed, Dark BNS, Fire BNS, Poison BNS, etc. Character Creation can be done with Warriors, Knights, Swordsman, Bandits, Sorcerers, Clerics and Explorers. Weapons can be upgraded through Reinforcement. Dark Souls II has to be played differently as it is played in the world of Drangleic giving a glimpse of life beyond death.

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