Battlefield 1 Opponent Combating

Battlefield I game has been developed by EA DICE and has been introduced for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation. It is a first-person shooter game that depends mainly on teamwork. They revolve around many historic events that took place in World War 1 and the weapons used during those times.

Multiplayer Mode

Battlefield multiplayer mode can be played with 64 players. Standard game modes like Conquest, helps to control various places in the map; Domination has few control points and is similar to Conquest but has lower number of control points. Rush, requires two play styles which are attack and defense; Team Deathmatch has no control points and is mostly about reaching point limits and is based on the timer; War pigeons is unique to the game and has two opposite teams capturing a pigeon. Operations, gives a true war feeing where players are divided as attackers and dividers.  The multiplayer features have pick-able classes, pick-up based classes and spawn-based classes. The pick-able class has four classes which are assault, medic, support and scout. The Spawn-based class has taker, pilot and cavalry; Pickup-based class contains flame trooper kit, sentry kit and the tank hunter kit.

Brief Review

Battlefield 1 review has been mostly positive, as even critics have lauded the World War I theme that has been used. The visuals, multiplayer mode, the single-player campaign and the sound design have also been well appreciated. The game has won the Game Critics Awards 2016 or Best Action Game, while it has been nominated for Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best PC game and Best Online Multiplayer. It has also been nominated for The Games Awards 2016 for Best Game Direction, Best Music and Sound Design, Best Multiplayer and Best Action Game.


The weapons from World War I have been used here, such as semi-automatic and automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles, artillery, mustard gas and flamethrowers. These are used to combat enemies. Melee weapons such as trench clubs, sabres and shovels have been used. The melee weapons are used for melee combat and they are classified as light, medium and heavy. Vehicles such as heavy and light tanks, cars, armored trucks, biplane aircraft, armored train, torpedo boats, LZ 30 Airship and Reconnaissance vehicles.

Playing the Game

The game has to be played with good communication within the team and the team has to stick together. The player should concentrate on remaining alive and to make more kills. The players should play conquest and also hold on to their objectives. The player should stay alive for the initial duration and stick with people of good quality and character. Guns that are used should first be tested. The roles of assault, scout, medic and support should be utilized properly, by which enemies and their vehicles will have to be destroyed, preferable at close counters; enemies should be spotted and combated; medic should be revived healthily while Support involves supporting team mates and dropping ammo bags. Team work and sticking to time limits are necessary to play the game well.

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